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Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks

The simple spiral up tubes are becoming a sensation within the cosmetic packaging industry. These elegant twist ups empower consumers to apply product with controlled and precise movements. The Packaging Companies lead designer Thu Vu says, “It’s a convenient product to keep with you for on-the-go makeup”. Consumers are in love with the easy to use tubes for flawless coverage and dynamic range of product uses.

Vapor Organics uses these products for concealer, foundation, lip stains, and eye application that creates an elegant slim look that is unique to their brand (refer below to “TPC’s Top 5 Favorite Twist Ups Design”). The light weight tube is a multi-use tool that can be applied to the jawline, eye, or lip area; making it a universal applicator as opposed to the compact that limits usage to one area of the face and replaces brushes or additional applicators. This method of use promotes a healthy even complexion . The stick also features an air tight seal that contributes to the vitality and integrity of the product for continued usage along with protecting from damage. The Packaging Company innovative cosmetic packaging increases consumer attention and elevates the perceived value of products. It is important to consider alternative options when choosing cosmetic packaging for products along with choosing packaging that will entice consumers to buy.