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Companies partner to bring connected packaging to SMEs

AIPIA member Scantrust and ePac Flexible Packaging have announced a global agreement to bring smart, connected packaging solutions to brands of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses.

Through ePacConnect, which was announced in October of 2020, the companies offer secure, serialized QR codes on all of ePac’s packaging and provide access to a suite of Scantrust applications for consumer engagement, brand protection, and track and trace.

With ePacConnect, all packaging can be born digital, each with a unique digital identity, they say. When scanned by a normal smartphone camera, every package becomes a gateway to 2-way communication between brands and consumers. The companies expect billions of pouches to be produced with ePacConnect over the coming years.

Leveraging the innovative digital printing capabilities of ePac and innovative solutions from Scantrust, ePacConnect democratizes access to smart packaging by offering an entry-level no-cost solution for all brands, while also making it easy and flexible to add-on a comprehensive suite of readily available applications, they claim. 

Scantrust powers these underlying capabilities with a secure platform that provides scalable tools to brands who want to actively protect from counterfeits, easily share product provenance, and offer tailored consumer experiences.

According to Carl Joachim, ePac’s CMO, “We’ve been working with Scantrust for some time now to develop and market a connected packaging solution that is scalable from small brands to large CPGs. Scantrust also operates globally, as well as sharing our commitment to helping small and medium sized businesses compete and grow. We already have a number of customers in the USA and Europe using the solution”.  

Nathan Anderson, Scantrust CEO added, “We saw great synergies between our two companies from the start. With this partnership, we’re able to bring Scantrust’s advanced connected goods solutions to brands of all sizes at-scale. This will enable more meaningful connections with their customers, and empower people to be able to trust the source, safety, and integrity of the products in their life, while also increasing supply chain visibility.”