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Automated ordering of self-adhesive material

HERMA pushes ahead with the automated ordering of self-adhesive material in cooperation with its customers. The most re-cent example is the link with LariTryck, one of the leading Swedish label printing companies with its headquarters near to Helsingborg. For the first time, HERMA and LariTryck are handling ordering processes completely via EDI-processable messages using the C3 ERP software from from material ordering to the transmission of delivery information. C3 is the leading ERP software for printing and packaging companies and organises all processes – from purchasing and production to sales and invoicing. For example, LariTryck can now order new self-adhesive material from HERMA directly from the ordering screen of the software through the recently developed EDI interface. “The comprehensive integration of all functions through to HERMA, our important self-adhesive material supplier, ensures substantial time savings in our company”, states Johan Ripa, Managing Director of LariTryck. “We can better focus on our core competencies, namely working closely with our customers and developing high-quality labels.” Thanks to the precise real-time information from the software, LariTryck also increases efficiency throughout the entire company because the purchasing, goods inwards, production and accounting departments can handle all self-adhesive material orders using the software environment that they have been familiar with until now. Shipping details including the IDs on rolls of self-adhesive material and exact quantities are sent directly to LariTryck’s ERP system.

10,000 users in around 20 countries

The C3 ERP system from, the German market leader in this field, is the basis for this link. For over 20 years, the soft-ware company with its headquarters near to Stuttgart, has been further developing its specialised ERP solution for the label and packaging industry, improving operating processes and imple-menting new interfaces together with customers, partners and other innovators. The software is used by around 200 companies with more than 10,000 users in about 20 countries to automate their business processes. “Our goal is to create new benefits for our customers time and time again. We want to further improve the competitiveness of our customers with modern software, lean business processes as well as automation in administration and production”, states Andreas Bauer, Managing Director of Both LariTryck and HERMA confirm that this goal has been achieved. “Media disruptions repeatedly occurred in the past, which cost both time and money. The new link is much more efficient and also prevents the mistakes caused by the manual processing of data input”, states Johan Ripa, Managing Director of LariTryck. HERMA is also very satisfied with the chosen path. “Our stated goal is to link many other label printing companies that already use the C3 software from theurer in this way”, comments Klaus Keller, responsible for the EDI links in the HERMA Self-adhesive Materials Division. The link to the C3 software from is a necessary addition to the EDI integration already completed from other industry-standard IT systems.

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P The Wellknown Swedish Label Printing Companypplaritryck Ab Uses The Edi Link With Hermas Selfadhesive Materials Division For Direct Automated Data Exchangepp Orders For Selfadhesive Material Are Handled Completely Via Ediprocessable Messages With The C3 Erp Software From Theurercomp

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