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arniston bay introduces low alcohol infusions in recyclable packaging


arniston bay wines has introduced winebased &lsquotaste infusions&rsquo in two varieties&ndash the lemongrass infusion and arniston bay mint aloe and arniston bay graviola and passion fruit infusion. the lightly spritzed infusions, which are bottled with easy screwcap closures, are fashionable and refreshing lowalcohol at only 5.5 abv. added with no synthetic colouring, and infused only with natural flavourings, ecofriendly infusions&rsquo packaging of these is completely recyclable. offered in shrinkpackaged 750ml bottles, they are aimed at picnics, aperitifs, parties and poolside sipping, offered in a huge wine glass with crushed ice, or extremely well chilled from a bucket of ice. these newly introduced winebased taste infusions will be offered at specific retail outlets throughout the south africa and uk and placed in the &lsquolight wine&rsquo or &lsquowine&rsquo sections. easy to see in shelves of the store with their striking display stands and unique packaging, they price for around r44&pound4.99 per bottle. these bottles are also offered at welmoed tasting room based in stellenbosch. the innovative drinks were made out to address the market requirement for a finestend infused winebased product. they are placed in the sector of lowalcohol wine, as contrasting to the &lsquoreadytodrink&rsquo section, fulfilling for inquisitive winedrinkers willing to go on board for the &lsquotaste adventure&rsquo in their chase of something unique. with the ever more increasing popularity of beverages that contain low alcohol, arniston bay wines has sought after to line up itself with this market drift, as well. the product, which is lifestyledriven, is chic, refreshing and modern. the ease of the wines &ndash with their instant drinkability along with a closure that is screwcaptype to be precise roll on pilfer proof, the smaller adaptation of the standard screwcap &ndash is specifically enticing, given the need for instant satisfaction in this fastpaced world. keeping in mind the worldwide drift of ecofriendliness, the lemongrass and graviola tastes are natural with the enduring components being &lsquonature identical&rsquo launch competition offer of arniston in the south africa region, arniston bay infusions have a neck collarette on offer introduction competition, where customers can enter in via sms and get a chance to get one of ten arniston bay infusion hampers. httpwww.thedrinksreport.comnews201315058arnistonbaylauncheslowalcoholinfusio...