AptarGroup Reports Third Quarter Results

Third Quarter 2017 Summary

Reported sales increased 6% over the prior year driven by 3% core growth and a 3% favorable impact from exchange rates
Each business segment achieved core sales growth
Lower custom tooling sales negatively impacted the sales growth by 2%
Reported net income (9% of net sales) increased to $54 million (+1%)
EBITDA (19% of net sales) decreased to $118 million (-4%)
Profit margins were negatively impacted by operational challenges at our decorative facility in Europe, higher professional fees, raw material cost increases and certain currency transaction losses
Reported earnings per share were $0.83 compared to $0.82 in the prior year (+1%)
Compared to the prior year, earnings per share for the current period included certain tax benefits amounting to approximately $0.05 related to foreign tax settlements and $0.01 related to stock-based compensation



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