Antimicrobial Lamitube

Antimicrobial Lamitube

Lamitube providing a extended product shelf life


The winner in the Prototype Tube category of ETMA's 'Tube of the year 2018' competition was a tube from the German manufacturer Linhardt providing a clean solution in the true sense of the word thanks to its further advancement of hygiene standards for laminate tubes. Special steriones were developed for the inner layer of the tube laminate; these are organo-metallic molecular complexes that do not damage the actual contents of the tube but drastically reduce the negative impact that bacteria, viruses and fungi have on them. This antimicrobial effect lasts for a period of more than five years during which time the new method avoids the damaging effects of biocides or nanoparticles. The benefits for clients and consumers are obvious: considerably less preservatives are needed in the contents themselves and the shelf life of the product is extended significantly. Moreover, special sterilisation processes or even the use of hot air during filling are superfluous when producing and filling the tubes.

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