vpci films

corrosion resistance films for multiple end uses

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sanpack gmbh
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thomas lwe

cortec vpci is a easycorrosion protection films.vci stands for "volatile corrosion inhibitor", which means to volatile corrosion inhibitors. the general term vci is a generic term and includes both the inhibitors, which act via the vapor phase, and the contact phase inhibitors.vpci are substances which evaporate by chemical reactions sublimate and enclosed spaces, containers eg export boxes with their vapors saturate. vci molecules deposited as invisible monomolecular protective layer on the bare metal surface. due to their polarity, they interrupt the destructive electrochemical corrosion reactions.the sanpack vpci corrosion protection system keeps your products against corrosion, does not influence the surface.for more such innovations in packaging  httpwww.amazon.compackaginginnovationsinterpack20143dp1505200733

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