valentis nanotech coating to replace al from flexible packaging

nanotech crystalline coating for high barrier properties which can replace al from flexible laminate.

Company Name: 
valentis nanotech
Contact Person: 
dovy segev

&bullthermoplastic films are everywhere from food packaging and agriculture to defense. the market need and opportunity for improved thermoplastic films &mdash thinner, stronger, greener &mdash with added functionality is tremendous.&bullvalentis&rsquo technology combines nanocrystalline cellulose ncc, a biodegradable, transparent material made from plant pulp waste, with additional nanoparticles to produce highly improved polymeric films.&bullthe company&rsquos first product is a coating for use in the food industry to create packaging material that is thinner, transparent, stronger, and provides a high barrier against uv rays, oxygen, and moisture.&bullsuper strong strengthtoweight ratio 8x greater than stainless steel  

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