Used paper cups turn into high-quality products

The high-quality fiber used in our paper cups can be recycled and used up to seven times before being composted or used to generate electricity. We lead and participate in several initiatives around the world to increase the recycling of paper cups.

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A cup of coffee is what makes the day perfect for many people all over the world. What is even more significant is the impact coffee has in powering economies of many countries generating commerce and employment to millions. With more mobile lifestyles, out-of-home consumption of coffee is increasing. ‘‘Grabbing a coffee’’ has become the perfect flexible social arrangement with coffee acting as a social stimulant. This growth has also seen an increase in the usage of paper cups which are perfect to enjoy coffee on-the-go.

Millions of paper cups are used every day around the world. The fiber used in paper cups such as the ones manufactured by Huhtamaki are mostly sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. Such paper cups are recyclable and the fiber can be recycled and used up to seven times and then composted or used to generate electricity. It is important to note that paper cups are 100% recyclable and there are many initiatives across countries that aim to increase recycling levels of paper cups. In the UK alone, 120 million cups were recycled during 2018 and this number is expected to double in 2019.

We lead and participate in several initiatives in different markets to increase the recycling of paper cups. Earlier today we announced a partnership in the UK with First Mile, a leading recycling company. The partnership will see First Mile collecting used disposable cups from some of our customers throughout London and Birmingham from a variety of different coffee chains, restaurants, bars and other business premises. We are also a part of the Paper Cup Alliance which aims to radically increase recycling levels across the UK. In Australia, we have recently started our Give-a-cup initiative which includes setting up of a collection mechanism and delivery to manufacturing units which then recycle used paper cups into other products such as molded fiber cup carriers and trays.

Many high-quality products can be made with fibers recycled from paper cups. Our work in this area continues and we will investigate further options to use recycled cup material in other products in the future as well.

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