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unified technology for tamperevident, counterfeitevident and credible tracking

imagine a situation, packaging looks intact but content has been pilfered tampered. this is becoming a regular incidence and in requirement of better solution supply chain heads are accounting this as unavoidable business loss. in industry, quite often tampering or counterfeiting is done under insider connivance. insider or vendors have access to identical packaging material like holograms, tamperevident stickers , rf tags or knoweledge about security measure on packaging and same can be replicated. frequently changing packaging security feature is more of a posture rather than protection. traditional technologies are meant for outsider threat at best. relatively newer technologies like colourchange labels to indicate carton cut has equally failed as those were stop gap arrangement without really understanding insider threat which is most important element. smartdna in form of security labels is differentiated technology that cannot be replicated by insiders even having access to identical & genuine labels.