tesa bevseal

tesa bevseal is a solution for protection against counterfeiting and refilling of original bottles .

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tesa werk hamburg gmbh
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volker hahn
marketing manager tesa scribos

tesa scribos has bundled four of its security technologies into a new platform &ldquotesa bevseal&rdquo aimed at protecting premium beverages. it is a solution for protection against counterfeiting and refilling of original bottles .the combination of various leading protection technologies provides maximum security for wines and spirits. the four technologies a security label, itemlevel codes for both authenticating bottles and trackandtrace applications and an app for inthefield testing had integrated in a single solution &ldquotesa bevseal&rdquo.the security seals made using laser lithography are applied to the neck of the bottle in such a way as to make it difficult for sealing caps to be removed and original bottles refilled. it connects the neck seal to the bottle and cannot be removed either by applying hot or cold temperatures. when it is opened, the security seal is destroyed so retailers and consumers can see at a glance if the bottle has been tampered with.coding give a uniqueness to the security seal as it is repeated on the seal on multiple verification levels, both visible and concealed.the smartphone app called dtect is based on a qr code reader allows consumers, retailers and customs officials "to distinguish original drinks quickly and unmistakeably from counterfeit products.finally, the traceability element trust & trace makes it possible to trace the journey of an original bottle along the supply chain.the potential of the technology is to protect against the refilling of original bottles, bottle counterfeiting and greymarket trading, the three primary security threats facing the premium beverages sector. for more such innovations visit  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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