tempix temperature indicator

the tempix temperature indicator reveal whether a particular product has been handled at too high temperatures during its journey from the producer to the final customer.

Company Name: 
tempix ab
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mats nygrdh
vice ceo

tempix timetemperature indicator is patented and  secures the entire cold chain from the producer to the  store checkout. the indicator works in the 30°c to 30°c temperature range and is accurate to 0.5°c intervals and is made from an absorbent part thermopaper label and a containerlabel cap with an activator. the activator seeps into the paper when the preset temperature is exceeded an deletes the barcode and the optical signal line after a predefined period of time.    the indicator provides an excellent function, is easy to understand, is inexpensive and is easy to manufacture with proven technology. with the indicator the transparency increases and the limits for responsibility when it comes to manufacturing, storage and transport, becomes more clear. for more such innovations visit httpwww.amazon.cominnovativepackagingsandeepkumargoyaldp1508936218

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