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Sweep-off Depalletizer

  • The newly designed sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions Resolves to ever growing trouble for filling plants. Normally, bulk glass bottles are delivered on flat intermediate layers. The pallets and glass bottles are protected with stretch / shrink films. This means that the rounded corners of the intermediate layers are bent downwards.
  • While working with standard depalletizers the deformation of intermediate layers causes bottles to fall down falling on the sweep-off cycle. To avoid broken glass, the bottles on the corners are manually removed or pushed back into the layer. Broken pieces of glass on the bottom cause a risk of injury to employees or at least, Greater cleaning expens- es.
  • The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA fixes and Solutions secures the bottle falling on every layer lifting and sweeping movement. Each bottle layer remains fixed by the centering frame until the sweep-off cycle is complete, at which time, the centering frame is opened. Intelligent software programming enables synchronized lowering of the sweep-off head and the centering frame. The sweep-off head is lowered over the layer to be swept off while the centering frame fixes the next layer. When the layer position is reached, the sweep-off head and the centering frame are closed, Maintaining precise control of the bottles at all times. Maintaining control of the bottles at all times Ensures that no bottles will fall; Causing unnecessary interruptions, the costs of lost product and the Resulting clean- up costs due to broken bottles.
  • The sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions is equipped with at additional lifting column. The centering frame is separate from the sweep-off table; ran thus, the sweep-off table and compensates Adjusts to the height of the bottle table. The centering frame then holds the layer underneath the layer to be swept off. Depalletizer The sweep-off from AUTEFA Solutions Reduces operating costs and reclamation costs.

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