Sustainable Stand up Pack

X-EnviroPouch’s stand-up properties create greater display flexibility for retailers. This is further enhanced by a wider
choice of pouch sizes, while a choice of white or natural film along with a gloss or matt print fi nish allow aesthetically pleasing designs that maximise brand image and on-shelf impact.

Company Name: 
RPC Group
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • RPC bpi protec has developed an innovative stand-up non-laminate bag as a cost-effective and environmentally - sustainable alternative to the traditional Doy sealed pouch.
  • The new X-EnviroPouch is ideal for all types of dried foods, including pasta, grains, cereals, drink powders, and also frozen foods.
  • Made from PE, the pouch is fully recyclable and meets growing consumer demand for sustainable plastic packaging. 
  • For maximum consumer convenience, the bag can also be reclosed with a prestoclose seal, or supplied as film on the reel for packers or fillers to form themselves.
  • X-EnviroPouch is part of bpi protec’s X-Range which provides a variety of fl exible packaging products that offer added value to food manufacturers and retailers, such as increased line speed operation, portion control management, fully recyclable alternatives to traditional non-recyclable methods, and reclosable films.
+44 1905 755000

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