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Sushi Inspired corrugated packaging for clothes

The Rollor Packaging has been tested and approved by UPS to ensure safe shipment. Certified engineers at the UPS Package Design and Test Lab used leading-edge technologies to simulate real-world package transport scenarios for the Rollor Packaging.

All Rollor products work by rolling alongside a raised edge to create a protective pressure-free space inside the packaging. This unique technique has been patented as the Rollor Technology.

Our newest packaging line combines our patented technology with simplicity and is perfect for shipping fashion items or accessories to your customers in a smart and lightweight manner. The eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging is easy to use and can be set up in just 20 seconds! 

• Lightweight
• Easy & fast to set up
• For fashion and accessories

It is economical and avilable in various sizes for jewellery , assecories, fashion, wine bottle, Shoes and Bags. 

You can ship any fashion items you want in Rollor Light packaging: from underwear to coats or wetsuits, and accessories such as shoes, bags, curtains, scarve.From jeans to dresses and from curtains to wetsuits. There is a Rollor Packaging for any product.

Rollor Light has been designed to be very efficient and use the smallest possible quantity of material possible. The boxes are 100% recyclable and bear the FSC Certified Paper Label, meaning that they are produced from well-managed forests, recycled material or controlled woods.s and jewellery. 

Rollor Packaging is stacked flat on pallets for ease of delivery and storage.

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