smart sunscreen lotion packaging concept

a sunscreen aerosol can, that identifies skintype, sun levels and calculates the maximum safe time in the sun.

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the centre for process innovation cpi
Contact Person: 
steven bagshaw
marketing executive

&lsquosuntan&rsquo sunscreen bottle features printed sensors in the packaging to measure the user&rsquos skin type, sun levels and calculate safe exposure times.the design of the bottle features a smartphonelike interface which focus on usability as users can easily understand the relationship between ultra violet intensity and their distinctive skin type.a sensor in the packaging measures the user&rsquos skin type by analysing the amount of light reflected from the skin. the product&rsquos suitability to the user&rsquos skin type is indicated, guiding the correct spf factor.the smart packaging also calculates the maximum &lsquosafe&rsquo amount of time in the sun by determining the user&rsquos skin type and the strength of uv radiation. a timer on the bottle shows the amount of time left and alerts when the time is the brand name&lsquos&rsquo and &lsquot&rsquo are stressed because the brand name is a mixture of &lsquosmart&rsquo and &lsquosuntan&rsquo.the small lines around the &lsquos&rsquo mean both sunshine and time. this concept was developed by students from brunel university london in collaboration with crown packaging & the centre for process innovation cpi. for more such innovations visit

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