smart materials detect meat contamination before it hits shelves

material that can detect contamination in food before reaching to the consumer.

Company Name: 
university of alberta
Contact Person: 
anastasia elias

&bullanastasia elias and dominic sauvageau, professors in the department of chemical and materials engineering are developing smart materials to detect harmful microbes that cause foodborne illnesses before products reach consumers.&bullthere are many stages of food processing from the packaging facility, to transport to stores, to the consumers&rsquo refrigerators where contaminants can affect products such as meat. &bullfood suppliers and even consumers will instantly be able to see if a product has been contaminated just by looking at the color of the packaging.&bullthe project involves the development and combination of three technologies the stimuliresponsive polymer i.e. material, biological detection system, and food microbiology.   

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