single serve wine glass

zipz winehas introduced new portable single serve wine product.

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sns design
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marketing manager

&bullzipz wine has introduced new portable single serve wine product.&bullit is available in four varieties pinot grigio, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and merlot.&bulldesigned by sns design consultancy this fully recyclable package is made with clear food grade pet plastic and covered in full body shrink sleeves.&bulleach wine glass shaped container is covered with a in a patented clean wrap&trade shrink sleeve printed with a background color to match the variety of wine ex      purple for merlot.&bullthe sleeves are printed with bands of black around the top and base of the container with white text that is highlighted with golden yellow borders.&bullto open the product, a perforated strip is inserted into the side of the sleeve. when the tab is pulled from top to bottom, the sleeve will release.the consumer can  then remove the plastic lid and click it into the bottom of the glass to enjoy their beverage.&bullthis innovation allows consumers to enjoy the wine on the go. 

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