self talk packaging

self talk packaging acts as a brand ambassador at the pos.

Company Name: 
wipak walsrode gmbh & co. kg
Contact Person: 
adolf ahrens
pack designer

self talk is talking packaging that acts as a brand ambassador at the pos.this packaging use a integrated invisible special codes based on 2d coded technology. this code can be printed on all packaging format on images and texts using a special varnish by help of any printing process.these codes are stored in a product image or in a company logo.due to a special printing technology, these codes can be applied at any position of the print image &ndash without changing the package design by means of disturbing code elements.self talk does not require any rfid or microchips.customers simply have to point the code scanner at the information area e.g. the text describing ingredients to trigger the voice signal output.the scanner does not require any switches, its operation is foolproof, without requiring complicated menus, so it is easier to be used by customers of any age without any prior knowledge.a code scanner brings these seemingly normal packages &ldquoto life&rdquo, thus opening up new ways of addressing customers for retailers and manufacturers.for more innovations visit

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