Self absorbing trays - CarStar from Carvajal Empaques Chile

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Carvajal Empaques Chile
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Marketing Manager
  • Self absorbing trays - CarStar from Carvajal Empaques Chile
  • Thanks to the process of extrusion and thermoforming to which the CarStar trays are subjected, open cells and perforations are created, which allows direct absorption in the sheet, receiving the liquids in their own structure, achieving maximum efficiency in the containment of the liquid present in the packaged product.
  • The most representative advantages of this product are: the elimination of napkins or absorption paddles, they are suitable for automatic or manual stretch film packaging machines, they are optimal for the presentation of meat and seafood and prevent contamination of the food by direct contact with its own juice.
  • This line of products allows us to offer the market high quality, innovation and characteristics that give competitive advantages.
++57 2 6612161

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