Second life to Pizza Hut packaging

Under the scope of the World Cup, DS Smith worked in close collaboration with Pizza Hut in Portugal, to provide a second life to pizza packages during this period.

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DS Smith
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Marketing Manager
  • The new, special edition pizza boxes (medium, large and extra-large), had a built-in puzzle/ball, allowing those who bought two pizzas to construct a ball with the two detachable covers from these new boxes. 
  • Based on the fact that these pizza boxes could do more than just deliver pizzas, DS Smith actively developed this innovative solution, which allowed Pizza Hut to communicate a brand message and stand out in an active and differentiating way within this specific time frame.
  • This special edition of new boxes provided customers with an experience which was both fun and educational, engaging them on an emotional level. 
  • In addition to the fun that a puzzle provides, bringing friends and family together, the concept also aimed to offer a moment of relaxation while assembling the puzzle, especially after such a stressful situation as a football match!
  • The solution provided by DS Smith combined innovation and sustainability, with a genuine understanding of the client’s business needs. 
  • The packaging specialists at DS Smith worked in partnership with Pizza Hut to extract the maximum benefit from its 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, giving it a new purpose and functionality, and avoiding its disposal immediately after its primary use was fulfilled.
  • Recognised for its ability to innovate and the quality of the products it develops and produces, DS Smith employed a strategic approach which considered all aspects of its client’s economic, environmental and social needs. 
  • DS Smith not only helped Ibersol conceive new packaging to generate more sales, it also offered sustainable value to all stakeholders by providing completely recyclable packaging.
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