SealAcross - Easy Reseal

SealAcross is easy to use, tamper evident and opens full width for easy access to the product

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Sealstrip Corporation
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Marketing Manager
Sales & Marketing
  • There is nothing to tear away or dispose of, and no tracks to line up so SealAcross is easy for all to use, especially children and seniors. 
  • The consumer opens by gripping the end seal of the package and the dry edge of the label and pulling apart, opening the package the full width. 
  • Simply press to close! 
  • SealAcross® is an attractive and intuitive easy open, tamper evident and resealable feature applied in the cross direction of the packaging film, providing a full width opening. 
  • SealAcross is patent pending.
  • It requires little to no extra film or new equipment. 
  • The package size remains the same and the package’s barrier properties are maintained. 
  • Utilizing TamperTear® technology, the unique undercut creates a highly effective tamper evidence without interference of brand integrity, package performance or consumer convenience. 
  • Once opened, the undercut shows a strategically abnormal pattern that is difficult to line up again when resealing the package, showing the package has been previously opened.
  • At Sealstrip, the SealAcross label is applied to the packaging film in the cross direction of film flow, creating roll stock that is easy to run on any wrapper or VFFS bagger. 
  • When this roll stock is run on a VFFS bagger or a flow wrapper, the package created opens full width and reseals with simple press to reseal. 
  • Rollstock with the SealAcross material pre-applied to your packaging film is currently available.
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