REMIND-A-CAP is a patented compliance-promoting pill bottle cap.

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Ryan Alovis,
SVP, Director of Sales
  • REMIND-A-CAP is a patented pill bottle cap that engages patients to better manage their medication regime. 
  • It's a simple device that allows an individual to easily set the next date of intake by simply turning a knob. 
  • The compliance-promoting caps are branded to align with overall product marketing campaigns.
  • It help in increased compliance with doctor and product- specific directions resulting in healthier outcomes while simultaneously driving brand recognition. 
  • The caps are available in 45, 38, and 33 mm with ergonomic S-shaped dial designed for ease and comfort.This child- resistant safety cap retrofit current bottle packaging. 
  • The look can be customized to match branding and dial can be specific to treatment directions.

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