Reclosable Can Closures

Reclosable can closures for drinking beverages

Company Name: 
Actega DS GmbH (Germany) and Dayton Systems Group (US)
Contact Person: 
Marketing Manager
  • As an open can is not portable, resealable can closures bridge the gap between traditional drinking occasions and the demand of the “generation on-the-go”
  • Resealable, non-breakable, recyclable Beverage Cap Can, which provides quick-twist-off re-close-ability that was previously only available on glass.
  • The Cap Can production system is comprised of three pieces of equipment: a dome production system, a cap production system and a seal liner system to line the cap with seal material
  • This technique makes the cans capable for pasteurization up to 85°C, hot fill up to 95°C, cold fill, retort, and aseptic filling   

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