pumice stone tube

an interesting innovation in applicators for cosmetic sector

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this pumice stone tube is so easy to use for consumers with the pumice stone working as a massager and skinremoving tool, while the cream is gently squeezed out.this is a great packaging innovation for massage gels, skin exfoliation gels as well as wipeoff nail polish remover gelsthe tube may come in various options like in mono layer, multi layer & aluminium laminated, depending on product requirementsthe pumice stone can be colour matchedthe tube head can easily be disassembled for better stone cleaningthese tubes are intended for bodycare products and can pack from 20ml to 80ml capacitiesclosure is screonpossible options for printing and decoration are hot stamping, metallization, offset printing,  screen printing or spary coatingfor more innovations in cosmetic packaging  httpwww.amazon.comchangingtrendscosmeticspackagingsandeepdp8192792013

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