Propellant replacement technology

It is used packaging and dispensing both low & high viscocity fluids.

Company Name: 
Afa Dispensing Group
Contact Person: 
Diederik Moreu
commercial manager Business Development
•Flair™ is a patented bottle-in-bottle concept for packaging and dispensing both low & high viscocity fluids that are susceptible to oxygen degradation.
•With the use of air pressure through a simple compressor, applied by the end user, the liquid is dispensed through a nozzle.
•Liquid is dispensed from the container by a device that creates either overpressure (by introducing air into the space between the inner and the outer containers) or under pressure (by sucking out the liquid).
•The system thus consists of 2 parts: a bag-in-bottle plastic container and a liquid-dispensing device.
•No air comes into contact with remaining content as content is consumed, thus significantly extending product tenability
•Do not use propellants or environmentally harmful, volatile organic compounds.
•Flair® is an all-plastic, highly-effective, non-pressurized packaging technology.
•The product can be dispensed as a foam, spray, gel, mousse or plain liquid, either continuously or in measured doses.
•Products have a longer shelf life and sterility owing to the air-tight nature of the system. In addition, a Flair® bottle is easy to produce as it builds on existing production techniques and supply chains.
•This allows the product to be dispensed consistently (in quantity and quality) from the first to the last drop.
•Extremely versatile; capable of dispensing in a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way. 
•Feasible, affordable replacement for aerosol packaging for personal care, household chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and other applications - suitable for both consumers and professional users.
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