Premium Looking Opti Pet Bottles

Foamed bottle technology with eye catching appeal.

Company Name: 
Plastic Technologies Industriesa
Contact Person: 
Ron Puvak
Director Of Marketing

The opti® technology is utilised for manufacturing of lightweight foamed polyethylene terephthalate pet container.the bottle formed by this process are available in monolayer or overmolded options.the duallayer structures also enable optimization of barrier attributes.  For example, oxygen barrier can be added to the inner layer, while the outer can include a carbon dioxide barrier.the process enables white or silvery coloured bottles to be made without additives which can limit package recycling.this process also blow molds details more prominently which enables decorations, such as embossed logos, to stand out better.colorants can be used in conjunction with either layer in the overmolded configuration to achieve spectacular visual impact.the bottles made are light in weight.they offer good light barrier up to 95 reduction in transmitted light.

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