premium droppers dressed in wood and metal

the popularity of droppers has led to a host of launches using this type of pack. available in various formats, they offer an ideal delivery system for highvalue serums, lotions or oils. at the luxury end of the market, however, there is little that is new in terms of aesthetics. quadpack group now meets that need with two proposals for premium brands

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the latest additions to the qline family, quadpack&39s metal & wood sleeved droppers are a stunning solution for highend products. brands looking to combine real differentiation with prestige aesthetics will find both perfectly married in these exquisite packs.unlike current products using these luxury materials, the new range uses them, not to cover the cap or collar, but rather the 30ml bottle.the sleeve, made of polished aluminium or sustainably sourced wood, covers the body with a viewing window to show the bulk inside.during use, consumers hold the material in their hand.this close contact maximises perception of the materials&39 unique texture &ndash either smooth and cool, or natural and organic.the wooden version has a choice of teat or push button droppers and comes in multiple wood types and finishes from the technotraf factory at quadpack&39s manufacturing division.this can be stained, etched, screenprinted or engraved to achieve the desired look. the metal version has a push button dropper and can be anodised in any colour and a host of decoration techniques applied. both offer a versatile canvas for creative design, to achieve a pack that is truly original and 100 premium.for more innovations in cosmetic packaging

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