packaging pushes the product forward

the salesfront is a display packaging which continually pushes the product in the front.

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ds smith packaging deutschland stiftung & co. kg
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andrea wyczysk
marketing communication coordinator at ds smith

the salesfront pack is an innovative new packaging system that continually pushes products to the front of the shelf.the pack incorporates a specially engineered band into a retailready corrugated pack smoothly moves the contents forward as each item is sold.when the pack is erected, the band is stretched and the product is loaded on the customer&rsquos specially adapted packing helps manufacturers and retailers combat the problem of poor onshelf availability, without the need for additional equipment on the shelf or for employee time spent manually pulling products forward.ds smith has developed a range of equipment to assist the assembly and filling process.for more such innovations visit  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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