New Re-Lock packaging

Innovative re-closeable feature offers cost-savings and environmental benefits.

Company Name: 
Faerch Plast
Marketing Manager

The latest innovation developed by the dedicated in-house design team at Faerch Plast incorporates an integral peelable film rather than a separate or hinged lid, saving on the amount of material used, leading to cost-savings as well as the production of more environmentally-friendly packaging. Produced using APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) for its high clarity, the Re-lock products are ideally suited to cold foods and snacks, such as fruit, salad, dips and cold meats, where consumers like to see the contents in order to assess their freshness. The new Re-lock range features three variations on the re-closeable film lid principal, each designed to make it easier for consumers to peel back the film whilst avoiding the traditional issues experienced, such as the film peeling off in its entirety. Suitable for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) sealing, and available in a wide range of tray shapes and sizes, the new products dispense with the need for re-closing film. Depending on which of the three closures is used, consumers re-close the product either by clicking a tab that is attached to the film into place or slipping a tab through a pre-cut opening in the packaging.

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