new innovative pet bottle for beer

the worlds firstever pasteurizable lightweight pet bottle for beer with a nonpetaloid base

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romain reyre
sales & marketing

world&39s firstever pasteurizable lightweight pet bottle  for beer with a nonpetaloid &39champagne&39 baseusable for flash or tunnel pasteurized beer, and alsomicrofiltrated beercan withstand pressures of 20 pasteurization units pu in the tunnel, which is standard for lagers, and retains a stable base after pasteurization330 to 600 millilitre versions with less than 1 partspermillion ppm of oxygen ingress and less than 17 of carbon dioxide lossup to sixmonth  shelf lifeall the advantages of a pet bottle greater flexibility,lighter weight,increased sustainability,better supply chain performance andlower costsonly 28 grams, which is up to 86 less than an average equivalent glass bottle according to sidel data.

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