new anticounterfeit closure

tiva 2 is a new closure from gcs, launched for the spirits market, a new high quality security standard closure that does not compromise performance for cost

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global closure systems
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claire davaine

tiva® 2 is a nonrefillable closure that has a clever tamper evidence ring built into the top part of the body. the ring breaks off if forced removal from the bottle is attempted leaving permanent evidence  immediately visible by end use is an ingenious design that reduces cost by using a lightweight method to transport the fitment inside the cap during transit until it reaches the capping head.this product also has impressive sealing capability due to patented ucp flange design. the flange carries the tiva® 2 valve in the shell and creates the seal on the glass after application, hence a seamless changeover between tiva® 2 and a standard aluminium closure.moreover tiva® 2 uses the same controlled bore specification as used for the current tiva® products, gf908 glass finishes, which is one of the most common industry standards. tiva® 2 can be applied to a very wide range of bottle types at speeds of up to 600 bpm. indeed, the tiva® 2 production line, thanks to gcs&rsquo recent investment, has been designed to use a complex high speed camera validation and alignment system to ensure maximum precision and repeatability at each critical step of the production process.tiva® 2 provides a smooth pour to meet the demands of the bartenders, who prefer a sub 75 second time to empty a 70cl bottle of spirits. in addition its nondrip feature means that the alcohol is in the consumer&rsquos glass and not on the counter topfor more innovations in packaging  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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