medicrreo child resistant pouch

worlds first childresistant flexible pouch using the childguard closure.

Company Name: 
pactech packaging llc
Contact Person: 
paul hermes
vp of sales and strategic alliances

the medicrreo is the world&rsquos first childresistant flexible pouch using the childguard is manufactured by pactech packaging, complemented with the childguard closure developed by reynolds presto products has passed the testing requirements of title 16 cfr 1700 of the poison prevention packaging act pppa.the new technology will allow products that had been previously packaged in child resistant boxes or bulky plastic containers to be packaged in flexible packaging. potential markets for the medicrreo child resistant pouch include food and consumer products as well as prescription medication, agricultural products, and household chemical products.produced in a variety of sizes from 5&prime x 5&prime to 18&prime x 18&prime with and without a standup gusset, the package is scalable to the size desired by the end user. this allows end users to keep a consistent look to their package while sizing it right for their products.this child resistant pouch also offers increased graphic bill boarding that cannot be seen on prescription bottles or rigid blister packaging.for more such innovations visit 

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