magnifier label

magnifier label is integrating a magnifier lens to improve readability and compliance.

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ic optix
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jim rittenburg
cofounderowner at ic optix

magnifier label is a patented label technology integrating a magnifier lens to improve readability.this label uses a ultra thin standard polyester label material pet for the lens, which is ink receptive.the layer featuring the lens can be peeled up to magnify the label, allowing patients to read small text, and then reapplied for multiple uses.the design of an ultrathin film magnifier lens begins with computer modelling of a microstructured lens using a high precision diamond engraving process.a master tool with exact facet angles, depths, and spacing is created for the manufacture of a high quality optical lens. lens thickness is 50 to 75 microns depending upon requirements of the final can be used in two ways either the magnifier layer can be a component of the design of the primary product label or it can be a separate transparent label that is placed over the top of the primary product label for simple implementation without the need for redesign of existing label or increasing the label readability it will increase compliance with proper use of products while decreasing the chance of medical error in the use of drug products.the thin film magnifier technology is difficult to copy and also contains a variety of overt and covert microstructures, giving the label value as both a product security feature as well as a consumer feature.for more such innovations visit

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