LiquiGlide for Consumer Packaging

A new coating technology can get every last bit of the product out of its container

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LiquiGlide Inc.
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Marketing Manager
Sales & Marketing

LiquiGlide could help saving billions of tons of products from getting wasted. It’s a ubiquitous problem for consumer products and personal care products. The US-based startup LiquiGlide offers a technology platform that allows engineering super slippery surfaces for liquids and highly viscous materials such as gels and pastes. It changes the way liquids move over solids in order to eliminate food waste and enhance recycling. 

LiquiGlide helps brands drive sales, share and profitability by significantly improving the consumer value proposition, allowing consumers to get all of the product out without the hassle and enabling breakthrough product innovation + package design

Advantages - 

  • Driving top and bottom line growths of any brand
  • Increased consumer consumption
  • Provide product innovation
  • Give new and differentitated package design
  • Reduce overfills
  • Transport and Emission savings
  • Reduce wastage thereby contributing to saving our planet
  • Easier recycling
  • Give clear view of the product left inside the container
  • Easy to use
  • Ease in dispensing

LiquiGlide’s food packaging coatings are made from food ingredients that are safe for consumption and won’t impact the quality of the product. Consumers can feel confident knowing that they will get all of the product out they love without all of the effort.  Our coatings can be customized to work with a range viscous food products


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  • anon

    Coating can be used for which all types of surfaces ?

    Jan 25, 2020

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