light weight glass bottle for packaged ciders

thatchers vintage 2013 is the first of the brands packaged ciders to feature new lighter weight glass bottles.

Company Name: 
ardagh group
Contact Person: 
sharon crayton

the new style 500ml bottle, now embossed with the thatchers name across the shoulder, and featuring a slimmer neck, represents an 18 per cent saving in weight.the bottle has been designed and produced by ardagh group, who have supplied thatchers for fifteen years.the gold and black label, which features a picture of thatchers founder, william john thatcher, has been enhanced with red for increased shelf stand outthe label also features the 2013 international brewing awards champion cider medal.the lightweighting of bottles is part of a sustainability programme throughout the companycreating lighter bottles makes sense &ndash not only are there savings in energy during production, but is estimated that our full delivery loads will be 1.7 tonnes lighter.

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