light weight gap fillers

fullfill gap fills are made up of expanded foam plastic material. they are resistant to fungus, do not readily absorb moisture & have very good heat & insulation properties. fullfill gap fills, being light weight, are most economical option for filling gaps in any packing box thereby minimizing shipping cost. its interlocking structure helps in keeping the product intact in its place, thus resisting shock impact & avoiding any breakage to the product. fullfill gap fills are most suitable for packing delicate items viz. glass, crockery, porcelain, electronics, spare parts, statues & sculptures, delicate handicraft items, etc. these gap fills stabilizes movement of the product & prevents it from sliding or settling down inside the box.

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sanmati enterprises
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dhaval shah
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allow us to introduce you to "fullfill" tm poly gap fills better known as &ldquopacking peanuts" made from expanded polystyrene eps plastic.eps loose fill is an excellent void fill for products as varied as electronics, computer, audiovideo equipments, scientific & laboratory glassware, porcelain, automotive accessories, delicate products, electro mechanical parts and live consists of small pieces of sturdy protective packaging that is used to fill in the empty space between merchandise and exterior cartons. because of its light weight is 99.6 air and sturdy nature, it provides excellent protection for fragile shipments and adds little to shipping weight. most important, it protects better than virtually any other void fill packaging because of its exceptional strength and cushioning ability.eps loose fill is non toxic, inert & made without chlorofluocarbons cfc&rsquos. it takes less than 4050 less energy to make eps loose fills than to make comparable amount of paper packaging.atmospheric emissions from the production of polystyrene are only ½ to 13 of those from paper production. besides the environmental advantages of eps loose fil, it is also better economic choice for most shippers. packaging cost audit shows that eps loose fills can cost as much as 40 less than other packaging materials in overall packaging. 

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