innovative sealing tape for cartons

the most common way of opening boxes is also the most costly. product damage, lacerations, and lost labor are frequent side effects of opening packages with box cutters. the shurseal solution offers folded edge technology to create a noknife, easytoopen seal, which protects your employees, product, and bottom line.

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the shurseal&trade solution &ndash combining shurtape® hp series packaging tape with a primeloc&trade tape applicator &ndash is a packaging solution designed to produce a dependable and secure seal, every time.for maximum performance and efficiency, the shurseal solution features shurtape hp series packaging tape.these tapes have the highest holding power in the industry and perform reliably down to the core to give you the consistent and secure seal you demand.the shurseal solution is complete with patentpending primeloc tape applicators that are engineered with an innovative design optimized for highspeed automated case sealing.multiple flexible wipedown points improve adhesion by allowing for full utilization of the tape&rsquos adhesive, increasing fiber tear when the tape is removed to offer tamperevident security.and, a foldededge technology creates a secure, easytoopen seal that doesn&rsquot require box opening tools, while also doubling the thickness of the tape edge at its most vulnerable failure point &ndash where the tape folds over the edge of the carton.

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