innovative closure for oil and vinegar

bericap introduces fliptop caps for the oil and vinegar market that deliver cleanliness and functionality.

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bericap gmbh & co. kg
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andreas schroelkamp
consulting and sales

these are fliptop caps for the edible oil and vinegar market delivering both cleanliness and functionality.these ctc ip 2919 and ctc ip 2920 closures featuring some attributes that increase convenience for the consumer.this closure features tamper evidence band which is designed for left and righthand opening.once the flip top is opened with just the thumb, a second tamper evidence function in the form of a tearoff membrane safeguards product integrity.easy pouring is supported by an integrated marguerite flow control.after pouring, a nondrip lip keeps the neck clean from oil, ensuring the bottle remains clean as well.reclosing is as easy as reopening &ndash one thumb is all that is needed.the new 2piece closure is available in two different colours. the outside shell can be a different colour to the marguerite flow control inside.for more innovations visit

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