induction sealing wad for 210 litre metal drum

hpcl innovated a metal guard for one of its products lube oil. this is a metal cap seal for providing extra sealing for the closure safety

Company Name: 
hindustan petroleum corporation limited
Contact Person: 
preeti gunjal

extraordinary innovation by hindustan petroleum corporation limited. first of its kind in lube oil packaging globally.addressed issues of tampering & built customer confidence.the "metal gaurd" is a 7 layer laminate structure with brand identity on top.induction sealing layer compatible with lube oil has been used.fiber tear marks appear on tampering the bungs.the seal gives better adherence to metal bungs with very less dwell time max 2 seconds.sealing provided for both bungs 50mm & 20mm. the innovation has received worldstar 2015for more innovations from interpack and other packaging sectors  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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