Hydration Tracking Bottle

It meet the nutritional needs of professional and competitive athletes during training

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This innovation is based on four major innovations:

1. GSSI Athlete Service and Testing

Utilizing its deep expertise in sports science and nutrition, GSSI tested each CBF athlete to make individual and specific sport fueling recommendations based on each player’s unique physiology and athletic requirements.

2. Drinkfinity Beverage Pod Technology

The new Gatorade squeeze bottle utilizes Drinkfinity beverage pods, allowing coaches and support staff to quickly deliver specific and individualized player formulas in an efficient and more sustainable platform. The Drinkfinity technology platform is a new and more sustainable small form-factor liquid beverage pod that mixes with water to create full 20oz beverages.

3. Gatorade Hydration Tracking Cap and Scales

The new Gatorade squeeze bottle integrates a proprietary hydration tracking technology that measures and records real-time athlete fluid consumption during training and matches. To record in-training or in-match athlete dehydration, the platform also utilizes weigh-in scales to measure sweat loss. All tracking data is transmitted from each athlete’s cap and the shared weigh-in scales to the system via wireless Bluetooth communication.

4. Gatorade Hydration Application

Each athlete’s individual hydration recommendation and tracking data are accessible on iPads running the Gatorade Hydration Application. The coaching staff can monitor athletes’ fluid loss/intake and better guide appropriate fluid, fuel and electrolyte replacement recommendations on an individual basis, to help ensure peak performances during training and matches. The system also allows the coaching staff to analyze and act on longer term hydration patterns at an individual and team level.

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