Hot Dot Packaging

The hot dot is a unique heat sensitive sticker placed on the pizza hut delivery phd box and reads hot if the pizza is delivered hot. If the dot does not read hot and turns black, then the order is delivered for free

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Yum Restaurants India Pvt Ltd
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Sandeep Dey
Senior Manager Supply Chain

Over the past 11 years, yum has emerged as one of the fastest growing restaurant company in india. As of the first quarter 2010 earnings, the company has 158 pizza huts in 34 cities and 72 kfcs in 13 cities. The company is targeting to grow to 1 billion by 2015. Yum&rsquos vision is to be &ldquono 1 restaurant company in indian subcontinent&rdquo and by 2015, yum india expects to have at least 1,000 restaurants in india, up from just over 200 today.  Pizza hut delivery phd is the delivery brand of pizza hut. The brand stands for great quality pizzas delivered hot. Its constant focus on customer satisfaction has led pizza hut delivery to launch the hot dot promise. Phd offers great quality pizzas and pizzas, a wide range of desserts and beverages delivered to your doorstep. It is present across the country in over 30 cities and has expansion plans for greater coverage. Pizza hut delivery stands for convenience and can be accessed by a single number 3988 3988.  The hot dot phenomenonthe earlier packaging did not have any value proposition to our customers. In that respect dominos captured the customers mindspace with their 30 minutes delivery promise. Pizzahut was losing out because of this . There was immense pressure on the pizzahut team to come out with a creative idea.thats when the hotdot phenomenon took place.pizzas delivered to you just got hotterkeeping with its brand promise of delivering hot pizzas at your doorstep, pizza hut delivery phd, the delivery brand of pizza hut, launched the innovative &lsquohot dot&rsquo  technology that tells you if your pizza is &lsquohot&rsquo or not  you will now be able to check if your favorite phd pizzas are hot without even opening the box. The &lsquohot dot&rsquo is a unique heat sensitive sticker placed on the pizza hut delivery phd box and reads &lsquohot&rsquo if the pizza is delivered hot. If the dot does not read hot and turns black, then the order is delivered for free pizza hut delivery phd is the first in the industry to take this initiative, which enables consumers to ensure that their favorite pizzas are served hot. With a strong network of stores across cities coupled with dedicated delivery team focused on quality, phd promises to deliver customers pizza the way the love them &ndash hot this innovative concept was launched in a tv commercial in august which has driven sales 20 furthermore the tv ad and concept have been recognized by an independent survey as the 6th most effective ad nationwide  of that month by mint descriptionheat & reveal sticker, in printed form, have a particular color below a specific temperature, and change to colorless or to another, lighter color as they are heated through to a defined temperature range. These stickers are available in various colors and activation temperatures. In our case we have chosen the color black as our sticker color. The activation temperature is defined as the temperature above which the sticker has completely changed to its final clear or light color end point. The color starts to fade at some temperature below the activation temperature and will be in between colors within the activation temperature range. What happens in our case is black color is the initial color and as soon as the activation temperature is triggered the color fades and the word &ldquohot&rdquo appears on the sticker. The word &ldquohot&rdquo disappears as soon as the pizza becomes cold. Benefits of hot dot packaging through market research we had got to know that the target customers believed that a hot pizza is a fresh pizza. The sample study showed that majority of the customers preferred a hot pizza more than delivery time & cost.after the packaging innovation, the sales of phd has really shown an upward swing. The future also looks bright because of this unique customer value proposition.this also gives us great pleasure to share that this packaging has been awarded as the " food packaging innovator company of the year " by kpmg supply chain leadership council. This award was presented to us last month during food retail, logistics & packaging awards function.

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