higher resistance to spicy sauces and acidic contents

solvent based high resistant adhesive for acidic products like sauces, spices, prickles etc.

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henkel ag & co. kgaa40191 dsseldorf germany
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executive sales

&bullthe solventbased laminating adhesives liofol la 396321 and liofol la 364321, can increase the resistance of food packages to acidic and other aggressive contents.  &bullspicy sauces and foods that contain vinegar or other acids make very high demands on flexible packages.  &bullthe adhesives are especially well suited for multilayer laminates constructed with aluminum foils.   &bullinnovative adhesion promoter, content does not block the cells of the anilox roller. as a result, it is easier to keep the adhesive&rsquos application weight constant over the entire surface to be laminated.  

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