gas barrier property in thermoformed container

gas barrier property in thermoformed container by evoh in dog food range.

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gizeh verpackungen gmbh & co. kg
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executive sales

&bullgerman plastic packaging manufacturer gizeh has produced a new dog food container for nestlépurina&rsquos bakers dog food range, featuring an &lsquoaroma barrier&rsquo and long storage life.  &bullthe thermoformed 300 g polypropylene packaging has a evoh oxygen barrier.  &bullafter the containers are filled in the customer&rsquos facility, they are sealed with an aluminumplastic composite foil and sterilized by cooking. a shrinksleeve is then applied and the containers are sealed with an injectionmolded hooded lid. &bullthe precision manufacture of the lid presented specific challenges for the gizeh development team.   

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