fliptop presson closure

the hc ev 2827 closure is a nondrip pouring lip.

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bericap gmbh & co. kg
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martina mussel
marketing communication

plastic closures manufacturer bericap introduced new fliptop presson solution is designed for the pco 1881 neck.the hc ev 2827 closure can pressed onto the pco 1881 neck without losing the closure&39s integrity and pouring capabilities.it comes with a nonslit interbead band, which means the closure can&39t be removed from the bottles without being destroyed.a tearoff membrane assures the integrity of the product and both functions ensure high safety against tampering.a nondrip pouring lip prevents drips from the product. it is applicable in fruit juices, edible oil, sauces industries. for more such innovations visit httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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