flexicap schreiner medipharm presents innovative firstopening indication for medicine containers

empty medicine containers can be unnoticeably refilled and put on the market as a supposedly original product.schreiner medipharm will present flexicap, a firstopening indication that prevents illegal reuse with an innovative combination of label and cap, and protects patients from dangerous counterfeit products.

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schreiner medi pharma
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sandeep goyal

dumpster diving &ndash this is what searching for useful trash in waste containers is called. during this process, people are also looking for empty medicine containers, in order to fill them with counterfeit substances, which are not easily recognizable at first sight. schreiner medipharm has developed the security solution flexicap, which clearly and irreversibly shows that a primary container has been opened. therefore, the label is combined with a capsule, similar to the cover for wine bottles, but which has been adapted to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. first, the capsule or cap is put over the closed container, then the label is applied without covering the peelopen tab of the opening strip. once the strip is opened, the bottom part of the cap, together with the label, remains attached to the container. attempting to remove the rest of the cap destroys the label. this eliminates the possibility of unnoticed illegal reuse.tamper protection and label in oneflexicap enables flexible use with different container types, forms and sizes. in contrast to shrinkwrap solutions, the label construction can be applied without using heat, which makes it also suitable for temperaturesensitive medicines. the pharmaceutical manufacturer&39s label and brand design remain unchanged, due to the combination of label and cap. in addition, the top of the cap allows space for bar code printing or nfc chip integration for electronic tracking. by adding extra security features, the manufacturer can further increase the hurdle for counterfeiters. in addition, the solution can be easily integrated into existing production processes.

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