eco low profile tube

new lightweight, lowprofile tube and closure .

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silgan plastics
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cathy miller

eco low profile tube is a new lightweight, lowprofile tube and closure solution which improve sustainability, logistic efficiencies and cost savings.lowprofile pe tube head uses significantly lesser resin weighing as much as 30 than a similarsized traditional tube head.pp made closure is a new, 2&rdquo 50 mm, eco, lowprofile fliptop closure that weighs 50 less than a similardiameter traditional closure.the resulting eco lowprofile tubeclosure solution is a minimum of 20 lighter than traditional combinations holding the same volume of product.together, this combination delivers an overall material savings of 30 which results in significant logistic efficiencies, such as up to 25 more tubes in a carton, more tubeclosure solutions per truckload and reduced freight costs.this cost effective and environmental friendly tube closure combination significantly reduces the volume of fuel required and the amount of truckgenerated co2 going into the atmosphere.this tube and closure solution has developed by silgan plastics in cooperation with giflor & tricorbraun.for more such innovations visit

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