Easy-Erect Asparagus Tray

Easy erect is a corrugated tray with a laminated PET inner liner.

Company Name: 
DS Smith
Contact Person: 
Tony Foster
Sales and Marketing Director Packaging 
  • This „easy erect‟ corrugated tray, with a laminated PET inner liner, holds 10 bundles of asparagus in a ventilated, protective container in a ventilated and protective container with minimal water penetration from field harvested produce.
  • Holes in the base keep the asparagus in fresh condition for supplying into both retailers/wholesalers and markets.
  • The trays automatically collapse flat and fold down on their own footprint for either re-use or for disposal, saving valuable time and space in-store – and also in a waste compactor. The brown PET liner creates a moisture-resistant container that holds 10 bundles of “field gathered” asparagus.
  • The trays incorporate strong corner posts allowing good pallet stacking with tabs to ensure load shift security.
  • They are delivered flat and enable fast assembly and filling and will collapse for quick disposal and recycling. The design is based around fast and efficient customer service, especially important with seasonal crops.
  • There is big savings over preformed plastic trays: no washing, less bulk, less transport. There is good pallet utilisation (99%) providing solid space savings compared with the previous use of plastic trays. The corrugated material is 98% recyclable and is made using B flute board, printed four-colour flexo plus varnish. 
For more such innovations visit: http://www.amazon.com/packaging-innovations-interpack-sandeep-goyal-ebook/dp/B00NWJ71EE



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