dry foil for pharma

pvc free dry foil for pharmaceautical tablets

Company Name: 
constantia tobepal, s.l.u
Contact Person: 
peter kerkhofs

the new alternative for active protection of moisturesensitive pharmaceuticals and similar products.it offers additional protection for each individual tablet.the constantia dryfoil provides active vapor management to ensure both greater effectiveness and safe consumption.dryfoil requires no significant change to the previous packing process.it have absorbing capacity desiccant which absorb all moisture entering into blister via cross diffusing at cross edge.the pocket remains consistently dry over a long period of time due to which shelf life of the sensitive active ingredient increases.to a certain extent, dryfoil can also absorb residual moisture from the packaged products themselves.the constantia dryfoil production make no use of pvc and foil is also compatible with many polyethylene based lid foil, so it can be easy integrated into the existing production systemsfor more innovations in packaging  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations 

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