Covert-Hologram Seal Offers Tamper Protection Conforming to EU Directive

Schreiner MediPharm’s multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal with an irreversible, holographic effect offers reliable first-opening indication and tamper evidence, plus counterfeiting protection, and complies with the requirements of the EU Directive. 

Company Name: 
Schreiner Medipharm
Contact Person: 
Andrea Richter
Product Communications
  • The innovative Covert-Hologram Seal is transparent, inconspicuous and thus appears like a simple packaging seal.
  • However, the first time the seal is opened, an invisible effect becomes visible.
  • A hologram emerges that shows various inscriptions and design elements in different colors depending on the viewing angle.
  • The holographic effect is irreversible and the seal’s fully transparent original condition cannot be restored.
  • Thus, manufacturers, suppliers, and patients can tell at first glance if the packaging has been previously opened or if the medicine is an originally packaged product.
  • Covert anti-counterfeiting features embedded in the specialty closure seal add extra security.
  • Thus, the Covert-Hologram Seal effectively combines the reliable first-opening indication required by the EU Directive with additional counterfeiting protection in a single seal, enhancing security throughout the entire supply chain.

Picture Caption: The closed Covert-Hologram Seal appears nearly inconspicuous (left); the irreversible holographic effect only emerges when the seal is opened (right).


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